Anemia vs. Bushmeat 

Brian Clark Howard of National Geographic News posted an interesting article written on November 21, 2011 titled “Bushmeat from Endangered Animals Feeds Hungry: Study.”

The article touches on a debate about the consumption of endangered bushmeat (wild game) by both wealthy elites and the poor and the need for iron in a population that is substantially high in anemic individuals.

Priscilla Feral from Friends of Animals argues against the need for bushmeat consumption and suggests her own vegan dietary needs as an alternative to the hunting and eating of endangered species in Madagascar. Dr. Christopher Golden, Berkeley’s lead researcher, however, seeks implementation of policies that will benefit “the local population.”

I tend to agree more with Dr. Golden. There is a definite need in fullfilling the nutritional needs of the the Madagascar population when anemia is found in so many children aged 12-years-old and younger. Although a vegan diet is beneficial to persons like Priscilla Feral, not everyone has the helath, desire, and sincerity to devote their lives to such a strict eating lifestyle. I don’t view this article as bias, as it speaks on behalf of all parties.

Below: Two Endangered Madagascar Species consumed as bushmeat.

The Greater Bamboo Lemur lives in a maze of bamboo in the rainforests of Madagascar. These primates are the only lemurs being able to crack the hard fibers of giant bamboo that are their favored food. Photos by Jonathan Linus Fiely.

Madagascar yellow house bat, Lesser Yellow Bat, Lesser Yellow House Bat
Scotophilus borbonicus
 Madagascar, Reunion Isl (Mascarene Islands). Records from Mauritius (Mascarene Isls) are erroneous, see Cheke and Dahl (1981).  May be extinct, IUCN 1996 : Critically Endangered – IUCN 2009 : Data Deficient






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