An interesting article at: titled Luthiers: The Latest Endangered Species, talks about the Lacey Act enacted in 1900 and its affect on the Gibson Guitar Corporation. 

“The Lacey Act was the first federal law protecting wildlife” according to Wikipedia and the law touches me in respect to some of it’s prexisting determination. As a grand lover of the elephant species, I recognized a little bit about this law in regard to poaching practices once used from the tusks and feet of the beautiful species. When I first browsed through this article, I had no idea what a luthier was. It is a guitar maker.

It was interesting to read about how the protection of endangered plants such as Brazillian Rosewood can affect more than just the endangered species themselves. Typically when I hear the phrase endangered species, only animals come to mind and my ignorance forgets about an entire ecosystem.

I think this article was well written and informative. I think the laws, in regard to protection, are fine the way they are. If anything, more protection over the importation and exportation of non-native species could be more strict. As far as luthiers and other self employed makers of supplies that are constructed to sell based on the rare material they’re made of, well, they need to be more creative or find a different profession.


2 thoughts on “Guitars?

  1. frozengrrl says:

    What an interesting article. I think that the use of materials such as ivory can lead to more demand for ivory and more poaching. I would agree with you that luthiers can be more creative and find different materials.

    On a side note, do you think Sieur du Luth was from a guitar-making region of France?

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