Why, if there is such a thing as the Native American blood quantum, aren’t the few and proud of us left drafted as a dieing breed of a species? After all, by definition, an endangered species is any species “threatened by extinction.”  I see the threat in the eyes of my own children with their measured blood quantum of slightly over 5/16 Minnesota Chippewa.

Sadly, organizing Native Americans according to their lineage is determined only through the states when adding the Indian Blood quatum was originally developed only for the sole purpose of determining proof of Indian lineage so that Indians would be eligible for financial and other benefits  that were granted from the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Wikipedia writes the following quote: “The U.S. census decennial enumerations indicate a Native American population growth for the United States that has been nearly continuous since 1900 (except for an influenza epidemic in 1918 that caused serious losses), to 1.42 million by 1980 and to over 1.9 million by 1990.”[4] In the 2000 census, there were 2.5 million American Indians. Since 1960, people self-identify their ancestry on the US Census.”

I was disturbed by reading these statistics because once again the truth has been distorted. Yes, anyone can put on a piece of paper that they think they’re of Indian descent.


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