Endangered Species

For starters, look at this amazing site for a complete list of MN endangered species. http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/natural_resources/ets/endlist.pdf I had no idea.

I would like to interest you in the topic of the beautiful, spotted, and long-legged  Burrowing Owl (also known as Athene cunicularia). This gorgeous bird is currently an endangered species in Canada. According to Wikepedia, the “major reasons for its decling population are due to the control programs for prairie dogs, causing a loss of habitat.”

The Burrowing Owl does just that as it name states; it burrows.

When this cute little guy gets agitated, he bobs his head. Bay Nature editorial volunteer, Donna Witmarsh published a protest/controversy article on behalf of this beautiful creature. Please read: http://baynature.org/articles/web-only-articles/protesting-burrowing-owl-eviction.


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